First Touch Soccer 2015

First Touch Soccer 2015 for Android

Football in its purest form from the first touch

First Touch Soccer 2015 is a football manager simulator in which you direct from both the bench and the pitch. Take your team to the top while pursuing several goals ... do not say you are not versatile!

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  • Great Manager Mode
  • Good team and opponent AI
  • The controls respond well


  • Graphics somewhat obsolete
  • Some modes are extra paid

Very good

First Touch Soccer 2015 is a football manager simulator in which you direct from both the bench and the pitch. Take your team to the top while pursuing several goals ... do not say you are not versatile!

The team is all yours

First Touch Soccer (abbreviated as FTS 2015) is a great football game for every lover of sports management. Its main mode, Manager, puts you in the shoes of a coach, so you head towards your goal with favorite team in a similar manner as Football Manager.

FTS 2015 has plenty of options for you to control all aspects of the football club that you want to choose from several first division leagues like the German, Spanish or English. Of course, keep in mind that the big teams in these leagues will unlock, so in the first season will be picking from teams that are in the middle or low ranking of your league... But did not all great teams have a humble start?

As in any football manager worth the salt, First Touch Soccer 2015 has the usual team management options (including lineups and tactics) and transfers (both purchase and sale or assignment). It also features My Club, where you will see the team's finances and staff (representatives, assistant coaches ...). In Stadium you'll remodel your facilities and, finally, in Emails receive all important notifications about your progress in the style of the Football Manager Inbox.

In First Touch Soccer 2015 it is important to manage finance daily to have a positive balance in the account. The problem is that you cannot get th best players for the team, even with good money management (hiring coaches, etc), but there are micro transactions, which may be a good way to win more games.

In addition to the Manager, FTS 2015 has a Training mode that will serve to control the basics of the game in the field and the Daily Challenge mode, a friendly match with which you can earn good rewards.

So far the free mode; if you want more you have to buy the VIP pass with real money. This pass gives you access to editing options from your computer (change player names, etc.) as well as other play modes: Quick Match, Tournament Mode and Star Player Party. If what you like is to play in the field you may be interested in purchasing the pack; if you want to know what it is like to be Luis Enrique or Ancelotti then the free version of First Touch Soccer 2015 is what you are looking for.

Pure football in a few touches

As in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team FTS 2015 will not only settle for you to watch the match from the stands, you'll be able to control all players. In this sense, the game has a good control system based on a virtual stick to move the players and a series of buttons for basic options: pass / low kick; shoot / strong / long pass high kick and release / change player.

First Touch Manager 2015 is controlled in great way with the touchscreen, your orders are properly interpreted by the players. In addition, the artificial intelligence of your teammates is expected (e.g. distance themselves when touched) and although the rivals is not as demanding as other style games, at least it is logical.

Of course, do not expect great graphics in the simulation of the parties or photorealistic players. In fact, they have their real names, so as far as the teams, for example, the game has all the official shields.

In the sound section First Touch Soccer 2015 features English voices of commentators and a soundtrack that includes songs from current indie artists like Imagine Dragons. So if you like alternative rock you're in luck.

No need to amuse dazzle

First Touch Manager 2015 completes its mission, it is entertaining. It is a good simulator, has the teams and several options for being a football manager, from the clean menus for to the play modes. It is complete but as overwhelming as Football Manager.

Therefore somewhat outdated graphics are forgiven and some other payment options as free options and give you many hours of play.

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